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Top 10 Search Engine Tools

majesticWhen exploring the world of Search Engine and SEO Tools, most people instantly become confused and distracted by the amount of information that is available. Worse yet, most people do not understand what these tools do and how they can help them. Below is a list of 10 of the more popular search engine tools and how they can benefit users.

Majestic SEO Toolkit

Majestic SEO is one of the most popular leaders in SEO tools. With features such as site explorer and backlink checker, users can get a very detailed look at any website with a few clicks of the mouse. Users can also take advantage of the search explore offered by Majestic SEO, so get detailed search information on potential keywords and see which competitors are using the keyword as well as help determine how easy or difficult it would be to rank for those specific keyword.

Open Site Explorer

SEOmoz has been one of the most respected and used names in SEO for years. The release of Open Site Explorer has made it easier than ever to locate backlinks. Users that register for an SEOmoz PRO account will also have access to rank tracking, tracking social media followers, and test new websites for potential search engine crawler errors and more.

Content Management

Raven tools has taken an interesting approach to SEO and content management by taking information from numerous sources such as Majestic SEO, Google Analytics, SEOmoz and others, to provide users with an extremely detailed look at content management, social media interaction, competition analysis, link building and more. There is very little that you can NOT do with the 30+ tools provided by Raven Tools. The content management tool helps ensure that any and all content on your site is properly SEO’d, helping you catch any mistakes that may have slipped by undetected.


SEMrush is a serious competition research tool. You can narrow it down even more by using it to search specifically for information on paid advertising, SEO and marketing. You can take a keyword being used by a competitor and SEMrush will help you determine how well that word is working for that specific site, it will also gauge how strong that keyword is, and whether or not it is viewed as organic.

Keyword Tool

WordTracker is a really neat company that is primarily known for their comprehensive keyword research. Instead of the massive amount of time spent tracking down viable keywords and comparing them manually, the WordTracker Keyword Tool helps you find the best keywords in a matter of minutes, all from a single source, concept or idea. The link building tool also scrubs the internet to find the highest quality and most trusted links that relate to your keywords and be sorted by relevance, popularity or authority, make it extremely useful for professional and novice webmasters alike.


Tools like SEO-Spyglass by Link-Assistant has made it easier than ever for users to view and track the link building techniques and current plan being used by their competition. The information also includes the origin and number of backlinks, Alexa Traffic Ranking and their Google PageRank for any site. It does exactly what it says it does, it allows you to spy on your competition.

Social Media Management

BuzzStream is more than just your run of the mill link building tool, it provides an incredible social media management tool that can be utilized. With social media being as dominate as it is, most webmasters and businesses would love to find a way to track and review any conversations going on, related to them, in various social media platforms and now they can! It makes managing any and all of your social contacts easy and can make any social media campaign far more effective.

Local Citation Finder

Local Citation Finders are the unsung heroes for businesses in the SEO world. It allows you to focus your search by location, giving a better analysis of what is really going on with your business. After all, if you sell mufflers in Chicago, who cares if 15,000 people viewed your site in China today. Whitespark’s new Local Citation Finder helps users locate citation sources in specific cities, feeding that critical information to their users or clients.

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is one of the most commonly used and sought after tools when it comes to search engines and SEO. The ability to monitor any site, including your own is invaluable. Take for example Advanced Web Rankings new ranking tool, which allows users basically deconstruct a website and see how it is fairing, as far as keywords on any specific search engine. Users can see how each keyword ranks on numerous search engines, not just one or two.

Website Auditor

This tool should be used by anyone who manages or owns a website. For the sake of making a point, let’s take a look at Link-Assistant’s Website Auditor. It allows users to scam their website and quickly find duplicated content, missing or broken links as well as missing HTML elements. It saves businesses from the embarrassing moments when a client points out errors or flaws in their website. This tool should be used on a regular basis to prevent any unsightly mistakes from going on unnoticed for a prolonged period of time.




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