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Original artwork dresses up your site and sets it apart from the rest. Custom backgrounds, banners, logos, buttons and web images are included in a basic package. We can work from your photographs or we have a large collection of photographs to choose from. See some examples of who’s using Equizotic’s Images and services We work on a one-to-one basis developing your ideas into tools to work for your business.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Custom Web Graphics
  • Logos, images, banners, buttons, bars, icons, backgrounds
  • Stylized photographs
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web development
  • Web hosting

Custom Web Page Design which includes:

  • Business and Personal Site development
  • Internet business/marketing analysis so your business gets the best exposure currently available with today’s technology
  • Web site promotion including submission to the 10 major search engines, and up to 25 related link/directory sites (such as Yahoo), and key sites pertaining to your business’s products/services
  • Custom original artwork, backgrounds, logos, buttons

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Equizotic’s latest design projects


Snap A Site is a Swedish website about hiring a car in Portugal. In addition to hiring a car, visitors can also enjoy reading about Portugal

Snap A Site  is a Norwegian website for customers who wants to rent a car in Portugal. Visitors can compare up to 40 local suppliers.

Snap A Site compares up to 40 local and international car rental companies to find the best prices.

Snap A Site

Through visitors can rent a car throughout Portugal including Lisbon, Faro and Algarve.

Snap A Site is a hire car site in Portuguese. Visitors can book a car at all major cities and airports in the country.

Snap A Site is a one stop shop for car rental in Portugal. The website is in French and was designed by

Snap A Site is a German car rental comparison site for those who want to rent a car in Portugal.

Snap A Site compares more than 40 suppliers in Portugal to find the best prices for rental cars.

Snap A Site is an english website targeted at the UK market. Customers can rent a car in more than 500 locations in Portugal.

Snap A Site is a dutch car rental website for rentals in Portugal. Equizotic designed the website.

Snap A Site

Dinlå is a Norwegian financial website, mainly about personal loans and credit cards.

Snap A Site

Lå is a personal loan website. performed both onsite and offsite SEO for this website.

Snap A Site is a Norwegian website about credit cards and personal economy. You will also find info about loans.

Snap A Site

The Norwegian website is another website we have made that is about credit cards and loans.