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Social Media and Its Effects on Ranking in Search Results

social-mediaWhen you are trying to rank up your website, you want to be able to boost your website with as much natural propulsion as possible. One relatively new way of doing that is by using social media. You can help kick your website up in front of a new set of viewers on a regular basis and show the presence that can help build trust in the potential customer’s eyes. The more social media activities you are seen in, the better chances your website has when it comes to moving up the ranks.

What Social Media Options Do Businesses Have

When it comes to using social media, there are a few activities that will help more than others. The first thing you should do is create a consistent presence. If you are consistently around to respond or answer questions at a regular time, you will start seeing some familiar faces in the crowd. The more familiarity people have with you, the more trusting they will be about your business and the more your name will stick in their minds when they need a product or service they know you can provide. Another option is building links back your website that people can click on. This helps provide external links to your website, plus it increases the total viewership of your website.

The more people use social media to get their name out there, the more people will trust what their name represents. This means that social media authors can start having a following of people who can look up the author’s name and read more about what that person has to say. Plus, the social media presence of a website is now a part of the algorithm that ranks your website, so if you do not do anything with social media for one reason or another, you are missing out on the highest ranking that your website could get in more ways than one.

How to Boost Your Social Media Force

There are a few ways that you can boost the force behind your social media and SEO campaigns. Here are a few ideas on how to make them as powerful as possible:

  • Understand and use the different social media sites that have followers of your website’s expertise (such as Pinterest, Reddit, or Twitter)

  • Fully fill out your social media profile so that people can see for themselves why they should listen to what you have to say in social media avenues, and on your website

  • Make every link you send out to your followers sharable so that they can share what you have to say with other people, potentially increasing your amount of followers

  • Make each one of your social media profiles publicly viewable—if you keep them private, filling them out does you and your website no good

  • Always make sure the content you share is current, informative, and accurate—any inaccuracies could cost you some trust within your followers, and that can take a long time to repair

Using social media can be a very wise way to boost the ranking of your website. However, you have to make sure you still stick to ethical ways of boosting your ranking. Take the time to inform your viewers with accurate, engaging, and up to date content so that they learn to trust what it is you have to say. This goes for anything posted on your website and anything you post through your website’s social media accounts. A little time spent on social media can bring you big returns through your website on a consistent basis.




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